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"There are two types of people in this world : 1) those who can extrapolate from incomplete data "

Véronique Ventos

PhD in Artificial Intelligence (1997)

Brief bio:

I have been an associate professor at Paris Saclay University, France since 1998.

1998-2015: member of LaHDAK (Large-scale Heterogeneous DAta and Knowledge).

Since 2015, I carry my research inside the team A&O (Machine Learning and Optimization:Michèle Sebag, Marc Schoenauer), at Laboratory of Computer Science (LRI).


AlphaBridge Project

I started playing bridge in 2004 and am now 59th French woman player out of 48644 players.

In 2015, I set up the AlphaBridge project combining my two passions. AlphaBridge is dedicated to solve the game of bridge by defining a hybrid architecture including recent numeric and symbolic Machine Learning modules.

Contact : sollinwATgmailDOTcom